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Warehouse Cleaning Services

Warehouse Cleaning Services in Surrey
Warehouse Cleaning Services

We promise the Best Quality of Exceptionally Deep Cleaned Results for Warehouse Cleaning Services in Surrey ( Canada ) & around. We deliver our Warehouse Cleaning Services 24×7 so as not to cause any interruption in your routine warehouse operations.

Warehouses automatically attract debris, dirt and other rubbish material because of the continuous inflow and outflow of the stored materials; due to the supplies and demands of various products, thus becoming unclean, unsafe and unhygienic time and again. Floors usually become a cause of concern in warehouse facilities due to the nature and durability of the products stored in the warehouse. Dirt gets gathered with the passage of time which makes the entire warehouse facility unhygienic and unsafe for the workers working in the warehouse, leading towards the ill-health of the workers working in the warehouse. On the other hand, providing a healthy and hygienic environment within your warehouse facility not only improves the health of your warehouse employees but also increases the workers’ productivity in real terms.

Value of Clean and Safe Warehouse

A clean and safe warehouse is the utmost necessity for any business unit, irrespective of its size. It is also the reflector of the standards of your business activities. Moreover, it is also mandatory to maintain your warehouse facility neat & clean and safe & hygienic, as per the applicable provincial rules and regulations.

We clean and take care of the maintenance of your warehouse, so as to make it neat, tidy and environmentally safe place to stock your valuable products and also taking care of the healthy life of your warehouse staff. We have specialized ourselves and gained more than adequate expertise in offering the best Warehouse Cleaning Services, with more than 10 years of experience in this specific area of operations, and have also acquired the required technical knowledge and state-of-the-art, latest cleaning and decontamination equipments, machinery and tools to take care of the proper cleanliness of the entire warehouse and especially the floors of the warehouse, so as to safely and effectively making your warehouse facility thoroughly clean, healthy and hygienic; as quickly and effectively as possible.

Our Team of Professionals

Our team of professionals is highly efficient, experienced, and reliable to properly take care of the cleaning and maintenance of any warehousing facility irrespective of its size, with due diligence and whole-heartedly. Our team comprises of carefully selected cleaners who are the specialists in the field of warehouse cleaning. They use the latest equipment and technology to deliver the best Warehouse Cleaning Services. Our team members are capable enough to fulfill your entire warehouse cleaning requirements to your utmost satisfaction.

Our Methodology

We accomplish your warehouse cleaning from top to bottom with cleaning the high areas first including beams, rafters, walls, etc. Our expert cleaning service starts with carefully controlled and complete removal of all debris and dust from walls and also from the ground-level racks and other equipment. After the high areas have been thoroughly vacuumed and wiped down, we move towards the warehouse flooring. The surfaces of the floors of the warehouses may be of various types including the floor surfaces made of cement, concrete, marble, slate, stones, tiles, etc, but we are competent to take care of the cleaning of any type of flooring surface. We remove all the debris and dust from the floors of the warehouse. Then we start the task of spill and stain removal in toto. After that, we start preparing for the job of floors’ scrubbing intensively. And that is followed with the sealant of the entire floor area so as to bring back the warehouse floors in an almost dry condition so that the entire warehouse is once again ready for packaging, stocking up and other warehouse activities. The drying process of the entire flooring, irrespective of the size of the warehouse, is completed within a short span of 60 minutes. After the entire (Internal as well as external) cleaning process is over, our senior supervisors inspect the entire cleaning job accomplished with extra attention and may ask the staff to refinish a particular portion/area once again, if required, so as to bring out the most satisfactory end results.

Eco-Friendly Products

We also make your warehouse facility totally free from any sort of germs after proper disinfection. In our entire process of Warehousing Cleaning Services, and disinfection, we use only those of the cleaning products and degreasing agents that are biodegradable, eco-friendly, non-toxic, water-based, and 100% natural; without the use of even an iota of harmful caustics, chemicals and solvents.

Time is Money: We offer the best Warehouse Cleaning Services on a daily basis so as to properly maintain your warehouse facility as per your needs and requirements, working strictly as per your schedule so that there is neither any inconvenience to your warehouse staff nor any interruption in the routine functioning of your warehouse. We fully take care that there is no loss to your business due to any sort of interruption. We understand that “Time is money in the warehouse business.” Our staff is always ready to perform the warehouse cleaning services – may be in the early mornings, late evenings, or during the nights. THE DECISION IS YOURS.

Budget-Friendly Rates

Our Warehouse Cleaning Services are well within your affordable budget because our rates are the most competitive in the market. We believe in the policy of lower margins and higher volumes.

Let’s Talk Face-to-Face: You are requested to call us at (604) 506-6743 OR Email [email protected] We WILL get back to you with no obligation, to confirm an appointment with you at the place & time as per your convenience and our professionals WILL feel happy to see you for a FACE-TO-FACE TALK, to listen to your requirements and supply you with any additional information as regards our Warehouse Cleaning Services. Each & every client is unique for us and similarly unique is the warehouse facility of each & every business unit. Our professionals would feel glad to visit your warehouse facility so as to offer a tailor-made solution, as per your time schedule, totally in consultation with yourself and your senior officials for the specific cleaning requirements of your warehouse.
We do not merely make promises. We deliver what we promise.

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