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Reducing the risk of a coronavirus outbreak in your facility

As the outbreak continues to broaden, reducing the risk through 3 Critical Elements – Disinfecting, Hand Hygiene and Touch-free dispensing systems will create better outcomes for clean, safe and healthy work and living spaces.


  • True disinfectants including hospital-grade must have a DIN (CANADA) or EPA (USA) registration indicating proven effectiveness with minimal risk to the user
  • No disinfectants presently on the market are specific to coronavirus
  • Coronavirus is an enveloped virus with a very thin protective shell, making it easier to kill
  • Dwell time or the number of time surfaces remains wet is critical for the effectiveness

The most common cause of infection outbreak is not following proper label instructions. Cleaning and disinfecting procedures must be consistent and correct to be effective.

Our cleaning experts have helped many facilities implement proper procedures to reduce the risk of outbreaks. Contact us today! or call us at (604) 506-6743