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When your environment is clean, you feel happy, motivated, and healthy. Moreover, it is every citizen’s responsibility to keep his/her home, workplace, and surroundings clean.”

“Commercial Cleaning Services is not a luxury, it is a necessity, and necessity must be within common person’s reach as regards the costs” – A famous proverb. 

Introduction: The customer is the king, and the king deserves only the best. We have a long list of our clients who trust us for our best Commercial Cleaning Services and receive their utmost satisfaction. We offer our professional Commercial Cleaning Services  in Surrey, BC at affordable, reasonable, and most competitive rates in the market. We have build up a high reputation in Surrey, BC Canada, through the mouth to mouth publicity by our satisfied customers. We know very well that a satisfied customer is the best source of advertisement. We are in this profession of cleaning services for the last two decades. We fully understand and focus on the cleaning requirements of our clients. We believe in retaining our clients on a long term basis. Our prime motto is to make your place of residence, place of work as clean as possible in every aspect, that too within your permissible budget. ‘ Lower Margins’ combined with ‘Higher Volumes’ is our financial motto. 

Commercial Cleaning Services
Cleaning Services in Surrey

About Us:  Neet Janitorial Services is a professional cleaning company offering both domestic and professional Commercial Cleaning Services to our clients in Surrey, BC Canada, and nearby cities. We fully realize that the potential of cleaning is not merely to clean, but to bring happiness on the faces of our clients by restoring their dirtiest things and properties into almost new. We have a professional team of specially trained & experienced staff to clean your commercial as well as residential properties fully.  We have the required statutory license from the provincial authorities. 

Our Services: We offer a wide range of services including All Surfaces Damp Wipe, Appliance Exteriors, Baseboards & Light Switches Cleaning, Countertops & Shelves Dusting, Cupboards Fronts, Dusting & Wiping of all Cabinets, Countertop Surfaces, Door Handles, Dressers, Empty Trash, Fold Towels & Wash Floor, Home Cleaning, Housekeeping Services, Interior Cabinet, Interior Windows’ Services, Kitchen Services, Laundry Services, Liners’ Services, Load Dishwasher, Office Cleaning, Oven, Refrigerator, Showers, Sinks & Backsplash Wash, Small Appliances, Spot Cleaning on Walls & Shelves, Vacuum Floor & Area Rugs, Open House Services, Post Construction Services, Walls Cleaning, Washing Mirrors, Window Sills Wipe, Window washing, Wiping of Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Common Areas, Family Rooms, Kitchen & Living Rooms, Cabinets, Door Handles, Dressers, etc. In addition to that, we offer Heavy-Duty House Cleaning, Party Services, Renovation Services, Pressure & Power Washing, repairs, painting and decorating gutter cleaning, or replacement. In short, we can help you in every household/commercial task of cleaning – that you may name. You allow us the task, and you become relaxed and feel assured that the same shall be handled most efficiently by our team of professionals. 

Our Specialized Cleaning Services: Specialized cleaning service offered by us include Air Duct Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Ceiling Fans’ Cleaning, Chimney Cleaning, Cracks Filling on the floor as well in the walls, Dryer Cleaning, Electrical Boards & Switches Cleaning & Replacement, General Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning, Floor Cleaning, Home Repairing, House Cleaning, Interior Designing, Lawn & Garden Cleaning, Plumbing Job work, Pressure Washing, Resetting of your different rooms, Tiles Cleaning, Window Cleaning , etc. We also fulfill your requirements of laundry and ironing of your clothes, curtains, mats, and rugs. 

Deep Cleaning Specialized Services: We carry out Deep Cleaning Services for domestic as well as commercial premises throughout Surrey. The dirtiest places given to us for cleaning would turn out as sparkle clean, and that is not merely an assurance. It would turn out to be true, just give us a try. The result would certainly surpass your expectations because of our unparalleled cleaning experience. We have cleaned even the messiest properties in Surrey (Canada) in the past. We have the expertise to eliminate the debris, dirt, and dust that may have gathered over the years on your properties and other valuables. 

100% Natural Material: Cleaning services are provided by our competent professionals using eco-friendly, environmentally safe, high quality, 100% natural, non-toxic, and pet-friendly cleaning products, without the use of even an iota of any harmful chemicals, and any side-effects.  Safety of your family members, your pets, & your valuables is our primary concern.

Use of Latest Technology: We use the latest modern technological equipment and tools in our cleaning services so that there is no damage at all to your property or your belongings. Data, information, innovation, and technology have enabled us to maintain our lead in the profession of cleaning. This helps us to cut our costs, which in turn results in further savings for our clients. 

Value of Time: We value the time of our clients. We work according to the schedule of the clients. We provide our services at superfast speed without compromising even a bit on the efficiency of services and without charging extra for the urgent services. Of the contracted time, every minute is well utilized. We assure you to deliver our services in a perfect manner and  on the dotted timeline. 

Manpower: We have a team of highly qualified and experienced cleaners. We employ the manpower, including the cleaners, after personally verifying their credentials. We follow the strict security procedures while selecting any new entrant in our company. The clients need not worry about any damage on account of the staff deputed by us for the Carpet Cleaning Services in Delta White Rock, BC (Canada) Your home place, your workplace is safe in their hands. They are very competent, expert, highly trained, honest, punctual, professional, and responsible cleaners to deal with any type of domestic or commercial cleaning requirement. They know how to handle your valuable appliances, equipment, and pieces of furniture. They have the required relevant experience and skills. They are equipped with the expert procedures of cleaning. They listen to you attentively in detail and take personal care to accomplish the task most satisfactorily. They turn every stone for the client’s true satisfaction. They present before you the highest standards of cleaning. Everything is done well and excellently by them, with the sparkling results, entirely pleasing to the client’s satisfaction. They are fully perfect for performing a great job assigned to them at short notice. What’s more, they are very polite and courteous. 

Periodicity: We provide our cleaning services on a one-time cleaning basis, weekly, biweekly, monthly, seasonal basis, and also move-in/move-out cleaning services. Besides, we offer our cleaning services for property sales preparation, before & after party cleaning services. We also offer post-construction cleaning services in Delta, BC.

Highly Qualitative Services: We reiterate that we offer par-excellent, satisfactory, and highly qualitative cleaning services, Surrey, BC. 

Conclusion: We are professionals in each & every type of cleaning.  We take care of your every cleaning and housekeeping requirements, with due diligence.  We have earned tons of goodwill from our clients for the last about 20 years. We provide services in Surrey, BC Canada and in the nearby cities. We strictly deliver our services as agreed with the clients, to their utmost satisfaction, without any complaints. We turn clients’ perception of reality in the matters of cleaning. Our clients feel proud of with results of cleaning. At the cost of self-praise, it is mentioned that our company is second to none in Surrey, BC Canada in the matters of housekeeping & cleaning. We are unbeaten in delivering consistently appreciable qualitative results within the client’s affordable budget. You are requested to contact us at the following numbers, and you will feel that we are different than the other cleaning services around.