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Surrey Carpet Cleaning Services Tips and Tricks

Carpet Cleaning Services Surrey
Cleaning Services Surrey, BC

Cleaning Services Tips: Keeping the carpets clean, dust-free and germ-free is a cause of major concern as carpets may become a storehouse of many allergies and dust mites if their maintenance is not properly done from time to time.

Everyone around us requires a bit of care and attention. Similar is the case with the carpets. Carpets rather need little extra care and attention to have their cleaner outlook, healthy maintenance due to their unique textures and expensiveness and in order to maintain their longevity. The goal of cleaning a carpet is not just to clean the carpet but to provide a happy & healthy living environment to your young child, your pet, your family members because otherwise, the untidy and unhealthy carpet can pose a threat to the well-being of your near & dear ones. You cannot instruct every time your young child did not play on the rug with your pet; rather you would feel pleasure watching them playing their fun games.

Why Carpet Cleaning Services is avoided?: Most of the homeowners avoid carpet cleaning due to the complexity of shifting furniture and other items but regular cleaning of a carpet is quite essential because a clean carpet not only bestows a clean outlook to your sweet home but it also provides the healthy and hygienic home environment. It helps you to avoid allergies which may be caused due to the presence of germs within the carpet.

Precautionary Measures For Carpet Cleaning Services in Surrey, BC

As it is said that prevention is better than cure; so you can prevent the dust and dirt piling up on your carpeted floor by taking the following two precautionary measures.

  1. Use thick mats at the entrance doors so that when the entrants enter into the premises, the mats would effortlessly absorb the dirt, dust, and soil in them. Take care to wash the doormats daily.

Instant Measures

No matter however careful you may be, spills on the carpets are inevitable. You can’t avoid your carpet getting stained due to the dropping of something like tea, coffee, beer, wine, sauce, vegetables, etc. over it due to oversight. However, you can take up the following instant measures to control further damage and to give a neat relook to the carpet.

  1. A spill only becomes a stain if not dealt with instantly. This is so because if a spill is left to linger longer, it may react with the fibers of the carpet and may become hard to remove later on. So as and when if any spill happens, simply use some tissue paper to soak the spill. NEVER RUB THE SPILLED SPOT because then the spill will get further spread and more absorbed in the carpet, creating a bigger problem, causing a permanent stain on the carpet and weakening of the fibers of the carpet and their premature breakdown also.
    Instead pour some baking soda or lemon juice or white vinegar on the spilled spot and spray a bit of water and thereafter soak the spill with a clean piece of white cloth or sponge.
    If the spill or the stains of the spill are still noticeable, then apply a liberal amount of shaving cream on the spot. The shaving cream would work wonderfully in removing stubborn stains from the carpet. Let the shaving cream absorb into it the stained spots naturally for about 30 minutes. After the stains get almost vanished, rinse the particular area with warm water and brush it and thereafter let it dry naturally.
  2. If the spots have occurred due to falling of gum, then put two or three ice cubes on the spots for two or three minutes to let the gum get frozen. Then slowly lift the gum from the carpet with the help of a spoon.
  3. In case wax has dropped on the carpet from the burning candle, etc., then simply put a white cloth over that spot and iron over the spot for about 30 seconds. Wax will get reheated and you can scrape off the wax with a butter knife.
  4. If the grease stains have occurred on the carpet, then apply two drops of good quality liquid detergent mixed with water and put the mixture in a spray bottle and spray the liquid on the greasy spots and this process would clean the greasy spots. Soak the cleaned spot with a white wet cloth and let it dry in a natural manner.

Regular Measures

Here are some simple, swift, tried and tested Carpet Cleaning Services tips & tricks to remove the stubborn stains and bad smells from your carpet and give it a fresh and tidy look and thereby a longer life

  1. Regular Dust Removing: Getting the dust removed on a regular WEEKLY basis from the carpet with a superior quality vacuum cleaner is highly recommended to remove the dust build-up and to completely eliminate the dust and dirt from the carpets. Spray some baking soda before starting the process of vacuuming and you would have the best sparkling results bestowing your carpet with a fresh and new outlook and extra longevity and promoting the overall indoor cleaner, healthier and more hygienic environment; avoiding diseases and removing unpleasant odors away from your carpet.
  2. Regular Washing: Even after removing the dust almost weekly from the carpet, a lot of dust remains choked into the texture of the carpet which is not sucked up by the vacuum cleaner. So your carpet requires a regular washing on a MONTHLY basis. Regular weekly dust removing and regular washing of the carpet on a monthly basis would ensure that the carpet remains durable and soft for years to come. There are two ways to wash the carpet at home, without a major hassle
    1. Use of Powder: The use of powder is one of the good ways to clean your carpet; rather it is the best method for cleaning your carpet yourself. Sprinkle the powder evenly over the carpet and let it remain as it is for at least half an hour or more. The powder automatically softens the stains on the carpet and consumes the bad smells. Remove the powder with your vacuum cleaner after that.
    2. Use of Shampoo: It is another comfortable and popular method to clean your carpet. Several types of carpet shampoos are available in the market. The shampoo requires to be diluted with water. Just pour adequate diluted liquid on the carpet but don’t make the carpet too wet. Scrub the stubborn areas with the help of a brush and after that let the carpet dry. Remove the shampoo with your vacuum cleaner after that.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Surrey, BC

Get your carpet professionally cleaned every six months. Professional cleaning of carpet would provide a new life to your carpet; the carpet would be bestowed with a cleaner and spotless outlook and more longevity. Professional cleaning would also make the carpet germs-free and resultantly fulfilling your requirements of a clean, healthy and hygienic environment within your commercial/residential premises, which in turn would promote productivity and goodwill among the workers; love and affection among the family members and in addition to that guests and visitors would feel more comfortable.

We are a team of highly experienced professionals and would ensure a completely brighter, cleaner and neater outlook for your carpet and longer lifespan through the use of high-end technological types of equipment, tools, and solutions and by employing both the dry and wet carpet cleaning methodologies as per the requirements, at the most affordable rates. We ensure that the color and the texture of your carpet remain protected and are not damaged.

We specialize in carpet cleaning services in Delta,BC Canada and have built a solid reputation for quality customer service and delivering consistently qualitative results. We don’t use any smelling chemicals and use ONLY branded organic and eco-friendly substances and compounds so that these don’t leave even an iota of harmful effects on your kids and pets.

So feel free to call us at  (604) 506-6743  for free trustworthy consultation in this regard and for the most competitive quotes of the estimated costs based on the length and breadth and condition of the Carpet Cleaning Services in Surrey, BC Canada.