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Areas of Your Office that Require Deep Cleaning

Clean and hygienic office space is the marker of any successful business. If the place of work is not tidy and spotless, the office's overall productivity will decrease, and this, in turn, will adversely impact the business's growth and success. A responsible and caring leader will always have the time to ensure that the office space conducive to growth and productivity is always well-kept.

A clean office environment boosts the morale and overall mood of the office. Employees feel more comfortable in the space, and the clients feel good about associating with such businesses. Therefore, it is important to think beyond the office's regular cleaning services. Harmful germs and other concerns like rodents or insects can breed in corners that do not get cleaned during regular, everyday cleaning. It is important to seriously consider including deep cleaning in the office cleaning services to prevent the spread of infectious diseases or other easily preventable illnesses. If an office is deep-cleaned regularly, everyone feels happier and more comfortable about coming to the office.

Deep cleaning ensures that all the nooks and crannies of the office are cleaned and disinfected. While the frequency of deep cleaning depends from office space to office space, it can be concluded that some spaces should always be considered important whenever deep cleaning of an office is undertaken. The following checklist will help in ensuring that a necessary deep cleaning is done properly and successfully.

  1. The Kitchen: The kitchen is a very important areas of the office that requires a thorough deep cleaning. All the employees use it for eating food, getting refreshments like tea and coffee, and storing and heating snacks and meals. Besides spoons, plates, and cups, kitchen appliances like microwaves, coffee-maker, and refrigerators require deep cleaning frequently as they are used constantly but not washed or cleaned as often as utensils like cups, plates, and spoons are washed. Kitchen shelves and cabinets are another part of the kitchen that accumulate dust, crumbs, and leftover food particles that can only be removed with a thorough deep cleaning service.
  2. The Bathrooms: Everyone knows the plight of using public bathrooms. They are the filthiest and most avoided places unless there is an emergency. Besides proper and regular cleaning every day, office bathrooms also require frequent deep cleaning to avoid becoming a nightmare for the employees. Deep cleaning bathrooms require special cleaning products and disinfectants to ensure that there are no germs left. Besides toilet seats, bathroom floors, and garbage bins, deep cleaning a bathroom also involves cleaning and disinfecting taps, handles, walls, doors, and drains of the bathroom. A clean bathroom and good hygiene ensure that employees enjoy working in the office without discomfort.
  3. The Floors: The floors bear the brunt of germs and dirt not just from within the office but also from outside the office. It is important to ensure that the floors of the office, especially in places where there is high traffic of people like the hallways, are deep cleaned in accordance with the type of floors put in place. A carpeted floor will require different and more frequent deep cleaning than a marbled floor. Seasonal patterns will also determine how often floors of the office need to be deep cleaned. For instance, during monsoon, the floors would require more frequent deep cleaning as the employees will carry mud.
  4. Hard-to-Reach Places: Higher areas of walls, tall cupboards, and higher cabinets are some examples of places that are usually neglected and not cleaned often. Cobwebs, dust accumulation, and other germs can lead to allergies because higher walls and ceilings are not cleaned regularly. Even spaces like areas under the desk where all the wires from the computers are huddled together are not cleaned regularly. Therefore, it is important to identify areas that are hard to reach and not cleaned regularly so that they can be deep cleaned. Deep cleaning of these areas helps in preventing allergies and other such illnesses among employees.
  5. Vents and Windows: Vents can accumulate a lot of dust, and they can also be a home to insects and other small pests if they are not cleaned regularly. Like vents, window panels also accumulate dust, and window surfaces also require deep cleaning once in a while. If the air quality of the office will not be clean and fresh, the employees will be prone to allergies caused due to pollen and dust. So, it is important to deep clean windows and vents regularly to ensure that the office has a healthy and hygienic environment.
  6. Dustbins and other Common Use Objects: Dustbins are one of the biggest accumulators of germs and dirt. Since they are literally the carriers of all the waste in the office, it is important that they are thoroughly deep-cleaned and well-maintained. Other common-use objects like furniture in the common rooms should also be deep cleaned as they tend to get dirtier because they are used more often by a larger number of people.

A clean and tidy office is the hallmark of a successful business. Deep cleaning is necessary to ensure that office space is spick-and-span. Areas like the kitchen and the bathroom must be deep cleaned more frequently. A good deep cleaning is a top-down approach where all the areas are thoroughly cleaned, from the higher walls and cupboards to the dirty floors and dust bins. It should be kept in mind that hard-to-reach places and common-use objects also require deep cleaning.