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7 Preparations You Should Make Before Using Cleaning Services in Canada

Introduction: Hiring the Cleaning Services of a well-established Commercial Cleaning Services provider is a Guarantee in Itself that you would get your work correctly and thoroughly cleaned professionally. But before availing those professional cleaning services in Delta, BC it is also required on your part that you make the following seven preparations: 

1. Secure valuables such as jewelry, small electronics items, and cash & cheques:  Surrey Commercial Cleaning Services providers thoroughly check the background of the persons, to whom they are recruiting as their employees, and maintain a record of their testimonials as required by the provincial laws. Even then it is the responsibility of your senior staff to secure your valuables in your workplace, which maybe items made up of gold or silver, unfixed electronic items, cash & chequebooks as also the cheques collected from the clients but not yet deposited in the bank, in the safe custody, ensuring further that the said safely is secured by keeping the same in a locked room. This would ensure that not even a single thing gets stolen by any of the dishonest persons (May belong to your staff or of the Commercial Services provider).  This would also ensure peace of mind for you. 

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2. Please pick up the files containing relevant documents, bills, and other official papers:  It is also required that you pick up all the files containing relevant documents, insurance policies and premium receipts, bank statements, invoices, and other official papers, and lock all of them in a proper secure place so that no file is lost during whole of the cleaning process. The official papers that may not have been filed earlier must be presented properly before the commencement of the cleaning process. This would also ensure that none of the documents is accessed by anyone else than the authorized persons. 

3. Pick up the furniture & fixtures that may be lying here and there:  You must pick up the items in your workplace that may be lying here and there and gather them in one place and store them well before the team of the Commercial Cleaning Services provider enters your workplace. It would be best if you remembered that you had hired the team for availing their professional cleaning services and not for organizing your workplace. Storing the items would also ensure that not even a single thing gets misplaced during the entire process of cleaning.

4. Proper Precautions if work is to be done during weekends or during the nights:  If the required job of cleanup is to be done during the weekends or the nights, then your regular watchman, with the keys of the main entrance/s, must accompany the staff of the Commercial Cleaning Services in Surrey , BC Canada provider so that there is no untoward incident of any type whatsoever. The workplace could be locked from inside in case of inclement weather or sandstorm or snowfall, or any other emergency. 

5. Taking Care of the Pets: Your pets may not be treated well with the strangers, and the staff members of the Commercial Services provider may also feel scared of the pets and may not be able to accomplish their duties satisfactorily due to the fear factor of the pets.  Thus, it would be better that you take your pets, preferably to your home or to some other safe place, during the cleaning process. 

6. Identify problem areas that  require special cleaning attention:  If any of the areas in your workplace requires extra cleaning, extra care, like fillings and repairs, then you must identify that problematic area and communicate about the same in writing to the Commercial Service provider so that there is no dispute later on, at the time of making final payments. 

7. Identify any broken items and get them repaired:  Last but not least, identify the damaged items in your workplace before the commencement of the cleaning services in Lower Mainland, BC (Canada). This would ensure that there is not any chance of any dispute with the Commercial Services Provider regarding any item having been broken by their staff unknowingly. 

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